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Russel Wilson Will the 2023-2024 NFL Comeback Player of the Year


Russell Wilson did not live up to the expectations during the 2022 season, as Broncos Country is well aware. Wilson’s desire to perform as a pocket passer coupled with former head coach Nathaniel Hackett’s incompetence left a blemish on the fabric of the Denver Broncos.

This season, Wilson must demonstrate that last season was an anomaly by bouncing back in a major fashion. We have already witnessed glimmers of the impact of Wilson’s three turnaround factors.

Free football picks has Wilson #2 (behind Damar Hamlin) to be the NFL comeback player of the year at +1000 (10/1) odds.

Let’s examine the keys that will open the door to success for Wilson.

Sean Payton Works His Magic

This is the most apparent element of the Wilson reclamation initiative. If something isn’t working in his locker room, Payton isn’t a foolish doormat and will stand his ground.

Last season, Wilson needed a swift prod in the rear, but Hackett would never do it. Similar to a parent with their child, a head coach must exert authority over his quarterback and team. We have already witnessed the effects of Payton’s severity.

Wilson exhibits greater composure and assurance during press conferences and interviews. As for Payton’s effect on the field, his magic is already taking effect.

Wilson is emphasizing the mobility that made him the Seattle quarterback sensation he was. He gained 25 yards on three carries against the San Francisco 49ers and would have gained more if not for a holding penalty on a quarterback keep.

Wilson has become more decisive as the offseason has progressed, and if that and his mobility translate to the regular season, he will have a breakout campaign.

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An Extensive Running Game

I would have scoffed if someone had told me Javonte Williams would participate in Week 1 after tearing multiple ligaments in his knee in Week 4 of last season. Williams is currently preparing to carry out this plan.

Williams has recovered at an unprecedented rate. As evidenced by his performance in the second preseason game, he continues to excel at hauling defenders along with him.

Samaje Perine, who similarly bulldozes defenders, is positioned directly behind Williams. Even if you attempt to strike him, he will punish you by lowering his shoulder.

Jaleel McLaughlin has been a welcome surprise as a Youngstown State undrafted rookie. McLaughlin, unlike the other two backs, is twitchy and evasive.

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