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Real Estate In Alanya

Alanya is a big tourist city in Turkey. People from all over the world rest here, but not everyone considers Alanya only as a place to relax. Some people want to buy real estate here. There are economy and premium class villas and apartments in the city, so you can find a suitable option taking into account financial features.

Advantages Of Real Estate In Alanya

International investors are interested in Alanya due to the fact that it has a mild climate and a large number of tourists. This means that housing can be rented out for additional income. There are a large number of villas and apartments in the city that have already been built or are under construction. You can find a suitable option taking into account your financial capabilities while contacting Stay Property Company.

Here are some reasons to choose Alanya:

1.       Houses have high liquidity, so it will be easy to resell them in the future.

2.       There are many people who are ready to rent your house.

3.       Annual cost increases can be more than 100%.

4.       Apartments and villas follow international construction standards.

Moreover, investors can get a golden visa if they buy one or several objects for 400,000 euros.

Where To Buy Real Estate In Alanya

Alanya is a big city with a developed infrastructure, which is actively developing. There are several districts that are popular with foreign investors.

1.       Alanya City Center. This district offers many apartments with beautiful views of the sea and the city. Real estate prices are higher due to the location, but you will get access to developed infrastructure and proximity to the main attractions.

2.       Konakli. This is a suburb of Alanya that offers a lot of apartments of the economy and premium class. The area is close to the city center and also has access to beaches and various shops and restaurants. It takes about 10 minutes to go to Alanya by bus.

3.       Mahmutlar is one of the most popular districts of Alanya with a developed infrastructure. Here you will find many residential complexes that follow international standards. It is easy to find cheap apartments but you may also purchase luxury variants too.

4.       Oba is a district under construction. There are many residential complexes in the mountains and near the sea. The district is near the center and beach, that’s why the cost of real estate will stably increase. You can find apartments in compliance with your financial features.

5.       Kargıcak is a wonderful district for those who are looking for a quiet life near Alanya. Kargicak offers access to the sea and mountains, as well as many shops and restaurants.

6.       Incekum.  This district is located in the west of Alanya and offers beautiful views of the sea, mountains, and the fortress of Alanya.

Just contact Stay Property specialist to find apartments in Alanya that will be suitable for you.

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