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Manoj Dhanda’s Legendary Voyage as the ”Cloud Man of India”


In the vast field of the business world, there is one individual who stands out as a remarkable visionary, Manoj Dhanda is widely recognized as the ”Cloud Man of India”. He boldly challenges traditional ways of thinking and sees a future without limits. His wise concepts and forward-looking approach not only earned him a well-deserved title but also positioned him as a renowned leader in the industry.

For eight years, he devoted himself to mastering his skills and becoming successful. Many call him the ”Cloud Man of India”. His determination to push the boundaries made him a pioneer in the field.

Embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure, the journey began in a modest 10×10 space in Haryana. Just ₹ 5,000 and the old computer was provided with a foundation for business and growth. The visionary entrepreneur responsible for this concept planted the initial seeds that would ultimately grow into a successful enterprise.

In his journey, he showed amazing creativity, strong determination and always focused on positive actions. These qualities were important in starting Utho. Exemplary leadership has demonstrated its capabilities and marked an important milestone in the adoption of state-of-the-art cloud technology in the country.

He played a pivotal role in bringing India to the forefront of the global technology arena. With his inventive ideas and dedicated efforts, he not only helped make India a key player but also put the country at the forefront of global technological development.

Hailing from a small village in Haryana, this person achieved great success as a manager, tech expert, speaker, marketer, and even wrote a book “Sapno Se Haqeeqat Tak.”
Manoj’s story goes beyond what he did; it inspires young people, showing what can happen when you work hard and never give up.

In 2010, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by establishing a web hosting company. He spent eight years learning and getting really good at what he does. As he moved forward, he noticed a big gap in cloud technology sector in India. Seeing this gap provided a great opportunity to improve things. His keen observations and insightful reflections drive his determination to not only identify problems but also proactively seek solutions to achieve breakthroughs.

At the start of his journey, he noticed that many people struggled with handling large cloud hyperscalers. The issues went from being too complicated to costing a lot and not having enough support.

Despite major challenges, he did not retreat; instead, he decided to solve these problems. In 2018, he made it clear that Utho was really determined and committed to making cloud technology better.

Utho, India’s first cloud platform, was started to give everyone a really good experience with the latest and best cloud technology. What sets Utho apart is not just its status as a standard cloud platform; it stands out as exceptionally fast, user-friendly, budget-friendly and surpassing other cloud platforms worldwide.

Utho is not a typical cloud technology. Switching from providing services to leading in innovation shows that it’s really skilled at doing a variety of things. This makes India more noticeable in the worldwide cloud technology.

With his smart leadership, Utho changed its focus to “Voice for a Local,” a move that not only makes its cloud services better but also shows off India’s tech skills. This change makes Utho even more significant in the global cloud technology industry.

Utho has proven itself with more than 22,000 active users across the country. In the world of cloud computing, it has eight big leaders from the telecom industry involved. Utho makes a big impact and supports many companies, whether they are large or just getting started.

Manoj Dhanda, known as ”Cloud Man of India”, and his experience with Utho are not limited to just building a successful business. This story teaches us that if you work hard and don’t give up, you can achieve a lot. It’s not just a tale; it proves that putting in effort, staying focused, and using creativity can improve the entire country.

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