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How To Find The Best Real Estate Agency


Every investor wants to find a reliable real estate agency to buy property in Turkey. Below you will find the list of nuances that can make you identify a trustworthy company.

How To Find A Reliable Real Estate Agency

You should pay attention to the following while searching for the forwarder to buy the Turkish property.

  1. The absence of hidden fees. Most reliable real estate companies do not charge fees for services from buyers.
  2. The reputation of the agency. A good reputation has been built up over the years. Reliable companies value it very much and comprehensively protect the interests of customers in the process of cooperation.
  3. The office of a professional real estate agency is a spacious room with designer renovation, located in a prestigious area with good transport accessibility.
  4. The staff. The market leaders have not only real estate search agents on their staff but also financiers, lawyers, office managers, drivers, and employees of the after-sales service department.
  5. List of services. Reliable real estate agencies offer after-sales services like managing the property so that it brings profit to the investor.
  6. There are many objects on the website. There should be options under construction and already built. Leaders of the market don’t publish all variants on the website, because the list of it is huge. Moreover, the reliable agencies have exclusive property too.

Note. All real estate agencies should have a license to work in Turkey.

Stay Property developer is a famous company that also offers services like a real estate agency. The organization has many objects in the most popular tourist cities of Turkey. Specialists are ready to help you in making a deal in compliance with Turkish law. Moreover, in some cases, you can get interest-free installments until the end of construction. If the feature is not available, you can apply for a mortgage in a Turkish bank.

According to the practice, investors can make a deal without moving to Turkey. The objects are shown using video communication, and the contract is signed by an employee of the real estate agency, who is provided with a notarized power of attorney. This specialist performs other actions to register the deal.

If necessary, the real estate agency helps with obtaining a residence permit and citizenship. It is necessary to buy a property in the amount of $ 75,000 or more to obtain a residence permit. A Turkish passport is provided under a simplified scheme for the purchase of real estate, the cadastral value of which exceeds $ 400,000.

Note. You can contact a developer to purchase the property under construction directly and to save up to 40%. According to the practice, the real estate price increases by 40% after the commissioning of the building, if the investor has bought the object at the beginning of the construction.

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