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Amanda Aldridge: A Famous British Composer and Opera Singer

Amanda Aldridge

Amanda Aldridge was featured by Google doodle every year to celebrate her life and successful career. But here the question is, why does Google honor her? And for what reason? She was famous all around the world.

To know all these interesting facts about the life of Amanda Aldridge composer, make sure to read this article!

Who was Amanda Aldridge?

A well-known black British composer, teacher, and opera singer were born in London on March 10, 1866. She was also known as Amanda Ira Aldridge. Due to their great interest in music, she composed many love songs, suites, and light orchestras under the supervision of Montague Ring.

Amanda Aldridge


March 10, 1866

Place of Birth

London, England

More Names

  • Montague Ring
  • Amanda Ira Aldridge


89 years

Father Name

Ira Aldridge


March 9, 1956

Early Life 

The famous singer and composer Amanda Aldridge Calhoun la worked under the pseudonym of Montague Ring during the 19th and 20th centuries. She belongs to a well-known family in London.

Family History

Her father, Ira Aldridge, was a famous Shakespeare actor. In 1825, her father dubbed the renowned movie (African Roscius) at Royalty Theatre in London. Additionally, her mother, Swede Amanda Brandt, and her sister made an excellent record in the first performance of African Heritage. 

She also had two brothers, one of whom was a famous pianist. However, both of them died at a very young age. 

Career Life of Amanda Aldridge 

The famous Amanda Aldridge choreographer started her career by studying composition and singing at the Royal College of Music. Her supervisor Jenny Lind was a great portrait of that time. He was portrayed in a musical film named The Greatest Showman. 

An Influential Composer and Teacher 

Are you looking for Amanda Aldridge career life and other details? Make sure to read these essential details carefully!

She (1866-1956) was a highly accomplished African American musician best known as a composer and opera singer. Her parents’ marriage was controversial then, as interracial marriages were not accepted in Victorian England.

Amanda Aldridge Debut 

Aldridge began her musical studies at a young age, studying piano. Furthermore, she debuted as a singer at age 17, performing at the Royal Court Theatre in London. 

She went on to perform in operas and concerts throughout Europe and the United States, earning acclaim for her powerful mezzo-soprano voice.

In addition to her career as a singer, Amanda Aldridge Chattanooga tn, was also a prolific composer. Her works, which include art songs, choral music, and chamber music, were performed widely during her lifetime. She often drew inspiration from African American spirituals and folk songs, and her music reflects a deep connection to her heritage.

Member of the National Association of Negro Musicians 

Aldridge was also an advocate for racial equality in the arts. She was a founding member of the National Association of Negro Musicians. No doubt, she worked tirelessly to promote the work of black musicians and composers.

Despite facing discrimination throughout her career, Amanda Aldridge remained dedicated to her art and to promote the contributions of black musicians to the world of classical music. She continued to perform and compose well into her 80s and left a lasting legacy as a pioneering African American musician.

Famous Works

Below are some famous pieces that Amanda Aldridge works on:

  • An Assyrian Love Song
  • Azalea
  • Blue Days of June
  • The Bride
  • The Fickle Songster
  • Little Brown Messenger
  • Little Missie Cakewalk
  • Little Rose in My Hair
  • Two Little Southern Songs
  • Miss Magnolia Brown
  • My Dreamy, Creamy, Coloured Girl.
  • My Little Corncrake Coon
  • Simple Wisdom
  • A Song of Spring
  • Summah is de Lovin’ Time. A Summer Night.
  • A Summer Love Song
  • Supplication

Google Celebrates Famous British Composer and Opera Singer

Google Doodle celebrated Amanda Aldridge on February 11, 2022, to commemorate her life and work as a legendary British composer.


Amanda Aldridge

African and Caribbean heritage

Her African and Caribbean heritage often inspired her work and included themes of freedom, slavery, and resistance. She was a pioneer for women and people of color in the classical music world and helped pave the way for future generations of composers and musicians.Counter-Strike 1.6 download

The Google Doodle celebrated Amanda Aldridge’s legacy and her significant contributions to music. It featured an illustration of her playing the piano, surrounded by musical notes and symbols.

Amanda Aldridge Cause of Death

How was Amanda Aldridge murder? How did she die? The answer is she died from a natural cause. After her first television appearance in the British show, she became ill. At 88, she died on March 9, 1950, in London.

In 2022, Google doodle honored the famous composer Amanda Aldridge on the search engine as a memory. 


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